Athletic Rock Doves, Fantail Doves & Painted Butterflies for Release

In the Okanagan

A white dove or butterfly release (weather permitting) can enrich your special event or memorial by adding a beautiful and memorable element to the occasion. Once released, our pure white flock or single dove takes to the skies, circling overhead above the crowd before returning to their home. We also have tame diamond and turtle ring-necked show birds with a variety of cages to choose from.

Some venues have banned the release of balloons and the throwing of rice or confetti at events, so a dove release is a great environmentally friendly alternative! The birds for release are registered and well trained to find their way home.

Poetry and living floral may add to your event. Experience with Public speaking.

Happy to help share your messages.

Whether to add an unforgettable and symbolic finale to a wedding ceremony, to send a special message to a loved one at a solemn service, or to add style to a graduation, sports event, birthday,memorial,  or grand opening ceremony, a white dove release will enhance the emotion and memory of your special occasion. We are also involved in the wild rehabilitation of doves.

Our friendly bearded dragon is loved by all. He loves to join in the party!!!

We have accepted wild doves from the SPCA. We’ve rehabilitated the doves and released as soon as they were able. We are not currently taking wild birds to rehabilitate. Our health and safety of our flock is #1 priority. We also do not fly during a storm.


$300 – BASIC DOVE RELEASE – 12 Doves
$20 for each additional dove.
Deals available on mass releases.
All prices include GST
Coloured birds
are available upon request

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